Queer: A Burlesque Celebration of Femmes, Thems & AFAB Performers


Join the State Theatre for Queer: A Burlesque Celebration of Femmes, Thems & AFAB Performers! We will take you on a journey through queer art, with each performer bringing their own unique personality and style to the stage!

From the traditional glamour of feathers and sequined costumes to the edgy and provocative exploration of gender and sexuality, this show has something for everyone! The performers showcase a range of styles from classic burlesque, neo burlesque to drag! Glitter Coven Cabaret aims cultivate an inclusive and safe space for performers and audiences alike. The show aims to feature and uplift performers who are often underrepresented in this space.

So get ready to be dazzled and inspired by the raw talent and energy of Glitter Coven & Friends, while also experiencing the joy and validation of seeing diverse bodies and identities represented on stage. It’s an empowering experience that will leave you feeling uplifted, supported and inspired by the beauty of it all!

This is a 18 & over show.

Doors at 7; show at 8 p.m.
Tickets: Splash Zone ( First 2 rows) $40,
Main Floor $25 &
Balcony $15

Additional Information

Run Time:
120 min


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