The State Theatre of Modesto and Re:Told Productions bring you the second 48 Hour Film Competition! From February 28th to March 1st, filmmakers of all ages will experience a weekend-long rush as they race against the clock to write, film, and edit their 5 minute films. The top 16 will be shown at the Grand Finale event at the State Theatre on March 6th.

Film Requirements

All films must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the grand finale:

-Films must be written, filmed, and edited within the 48 hours of the competition.

-Submitted films must be 5 minutes or less.

-Every film must include the year’s required line and prop. Required line and prop will be revealed at the Launch Day event.

-Each film will be given a unique genre. This may be action, romance, comedy, horror, etc.

-Each film must be no more mature than PG13.

Team Requirements

Contestants enter as Film Crews. Crews can be as small as a solo shooter or as large as 10+. Only one film can be submitted per crew. An entrance fee of $20 must be submitted for each film crew regardless of size.

Launch Day

Launch day is Friday, February 28th. At least one representative from your team must come to the State Theatre between 6pm and 9pm to receive your Crew Packet and pay your $20 entrance fee.

Crew Packet

The Crew Packet has everything needed for the competition. Each crew will receive on packet upon paying the entrance fee. The packet includes the require line, prop, and genre. There is also official material including registration forms, film guidelines, export setting requirements, a judging rubric so you know how the judges are ranking the films, and more.

Grand Finale

The top 16 films will be premiered at the State Theatre during the Grand Finale event on Friday March 6th at 6pm. Awards will be granted to Best Film, Best Film Youth, and Audience Choice. Bring your friends and family to show off your film and have them vote for their favorite!


Use whatever you have access to! It doesn’t matter if it is a DSLR, camcorder, or your phone, use the camera you have.


Use whatever program you are most fluent in. That might be Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Imovie, Windows Media Maker, Sony Vegas, or any number of other editing programs. Use what best suits you.

Collection Day

Bring your completed film to the Collection Day event on Sunday March 1st at the State Theatre between 6 and 9pm. Your film should be the proper file type and on a thumbdrive. The export settings and more instructions will be included in your Crew Packets.


Want to sign up? Pre-register right here! You’ll receive an email before the event starts with even more info to make sure you’re 100% ready for the event. Pre-registration doesn’t mean you’re fully signed up, you still need to show up to Launch Day, pay your entrance fee, and get your Crew Packet.

Pre-registering helps us know about how many crews are participating and helps you stay on top of new developments. So if you’re thinking of competing, definitely pre-register!