Hosted by Re:Told Productions and The State Theatre of Modesto

The State Theatre of Modesto and Re:Told Productions bring you the fifth Modesto 48 Hour Film Competition! Filmmakers of all ages and skill levels will experience a weekend-long rush as they race against the clock to write, film, and edit their 5 minute films. The top 16 will be shown at the Premiere event at the State Theatre! The very best films will be awarded cash prizes. REGISTER HERE to compete!


Kickoff at the State Theatre Jewel: Friday, March 8th, 6pm-8pm

Film Submission at the State Theatre Jewel: Sunday, March 10th, 6pm-8pm

Top 16 Films Premiere at the State Theatre: Friday March 22nd, 7pm

Film Requirements:

All films must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for premiere:

-Films must be written, filmed, and edited within the designated 48 hours of the competition. 

-Submitted films must be 5 minutes or less.

-Every film must include the year’s required line and prop. Required line and prop will be revealed at the Kickoff event.

-Each film will be given a unique genre. This may be action, romance, comedy, horror, etc.

-Each film must be no more mature than PG13.

Team Requirements:

Contestants enter as Film Crews. Crews can be as small as a solo shooter or as large as 10+. Only one film can be submitted per crew. An entrance fee of $25 must be submitted for each film crew regardless of size.

Kickoff Event:

The Kickoff Event is Friday, March 8th. At least one representative from your team must come to the State Theatre’s Jewel between 6pm and 8pm to receive your Crew Packet and pay your $25 entrance fee. 

If you register ahead of time you can pay ahead of time. This allows you to come in, check in, and get your packet faster!

Crew Packet:

The Crew Packet has everything needed for the competition. Each crew will have a packet emailed to their team leader on Kickoff Day. The packet includes the required line, prop, and genre. There is also official material including registration forms, film guidelines, export setting requirements, a judging rubric so you know how the judges are ranking the films, and more.

Collection Day:

Bring your completed film to the Collection Day event on Sunday, March 10th at the State Theatre between 6 and 8pm. Your film should be the proper file type and on a thumbdrive. The export settings and more instructions will be included in your Crew Packets.

Grand Finale:

The top 16 films will be premiered at the State Theatre during the Premiere event on Friday March 22nd, doors open at 6pm. Awards will be granted to Best Film, Best College Film, Audience Choice, and more! Bring your friends and family to show off your film and have them vote for their favorite!


What camera can I use?
Use whatever you have access to! It doesn’t matter if it is a professional camera, DSLR, camcorder, or your phone, use the camera you have! 

What editing software should I use?
Use whatever program you are most fluent in. That might be Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve, Imovie, Windows Media Maker, Sony Vegas, or any number of other editing programs. Use what best suits you.

What music can I use?
You may only use royalty-free music or music you have permission to use. Copyrighted music is not allowed without the written consent of the artist or their agent. A music release form is included in the Crew Packet. Royalty-free music can be found for free on GarageBand (included free on macs),, and YouTube’s creator library. Paid-subscription sites for royalty-free music that we recommend are, EpidemicSound, AudioJungle, and Audiio. Some of these sites also have a free trial that will allow you to download music free for a week.

Can I work with more than one team?
Yes! If you have the time, then feel free to participate on multiple teams.

Can a team submit more than one film?
No. A registered team may only submit one film. If the same group of people or any individual on the team wants to try and make more than one film, you must register under a different team name and pay the $25 fee for each film you wish to submit.

Does every team get the same required line and prop?
Yes! To challenge every team and bring a sense of a theme to the competition, each team is assigned the same required line and prop. Be as creative as you can with these! Examples of past required elements are:

Line: Nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix.
Prop: Flashlight

Line: I know you think I’m being dramatic
Prop: Lighter

Line: You gotta (got to) let that go
Prop: Dice

Does every team get the same required genre?
No! Each team gets a random genre. During the Kickoff event, a team or team representative will spin a wheel to determine their genre. If they’re unhappy with the first result, they have the option to respin, however, if they may not spin a third time or return to their first option. So if you spin a second time, you’re stuck with it!

What genres are there?
Common genres we throw in include: drama, comedy, action, romance, rom-com, horror, musical/thriller, spy/noir, sci-fi, documentary/mockumentary, and more!

Who owns my film after the competition?
YOU DO! Feel free to submit it to other film festivals, post it to YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever you want! In addition, The Modesto 48 Hour Film Competition holds distribution rights and may use snippets of your film for promoting the competition.

How do I sign up?
You can REGISTER HERE! All you need is your director’s name, email, phone, and pay the $25 entry fee. Your fee helps us pay to operate this competition and we appreciate the support!