A slide on the screen brings your message to the many people who patronize the State Theatre and understand the importance of supporting local business. Many people come to the theatre to see our film screenings and our popular live performances and your business will be able to reach a wide and ever growing audience.

How does it work?

We run the slide show using a digital projector and PowerPoint. The slide show runs for 30 minutes before every film and live performance. The show includes about 60 slides and each slide is on screen for 12 seconds at a time, so your slide will appear approximately three times before each film or performance.

What does it cost?

One month commitment is $200, three months is $550, six months is $1000, and one year is $2000. The fee for nonprofit organizations (who provide their EIN#) is $150 per month.

Can you design a slide for me?

Yes, we can design a slide for you. It is a $75 one time fee.

What do I need to know to design my own slide?

Each slide is on the screen for about 10 seconds, so it is important to think about a message and design that registers with the viewer quickly. Also, the slides are imaged horizontally, not vertically, so you should start with a landscape page layout rather than a portrait page layout. Ideally, the size of your slide should be 13.33 wide by 7.5 high. We can accept the following formats: Microsoft PowerPoint and jpg. 300 dpi is sufficient, but 600 or 1200 is better. Just email your file to Gabriela Guerrini: Executive Director, at [email protected] and we’ll start running your slide as soon as we receive payment.

When do you need my payment?

We need to receive your payment in advance. We cannot run your slide without receiving payment first. We’re happy to bill you quarterly, biannually, or annually if you sign up for three months or more of screen sponsorship. To pay by check, please send your check made payable to: The State Theatre, 1307 J Street, Modesto, CA 95354.

I’m ready to start a screen sponsorship. What’s next?

Please email Gabriela Guerrini: Executive Director, at gguerrini@thestate or call 209-527-4697.