Roy Orbison Returns


One Night, back in 2004, country western singer Wiley Ray was enticed into performing “Oh Pretty Woman” at a karaoke bar. When he finished, he was treated to stunned silence and then thunderous applause.

It was fun, but….Wiley Ray wanted to do more: reach more people, touch more hearts, keep Roy Orbison alive in the memories of all those who had loved his music for decades, and introduce a new generation to Roy’s magic, music, and stage presence. To accomplish that, ROY ORBISON RETURNS was realized – a fully-scripted musical theater re-creation of Roy Orbison’s 1980’s concert era years complete with costumes, lighting, and staging, faithful to Orbison’s set lists and musical arrangements.

Highlights of the concert include: “Only the Lonely”, “Pretty Woman”, “Crying”, “Running Scared”, “You Got it” and many more from Orbison’s canon of hits.

Doors at 7; show at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $59 & $39


Additional Information

Run Time:
120 min


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