Tues. Feb. 7, 2023

EVERYONE CAN MAKE MUSIC! When we say everyone can make music, we mean it. Audience members take a melodic journey through the vast world of everything music and learn ways they can make music even if they’ve never had a single lesson. A visual discovery of the many instruments of the world is interwoven into engaging song performances and fun demonstrations, and some interactive and participatory elements are added in as well. The audience is both highly engaged and creatively informed throughout the performance. The EVERYONE CAN MAKE MUSIC cast comprises of professional music performers, a career public educator, a private music teacher, and several award-winning instrumentalists and singers. All in the span of an up-tempo delivery for young attention spans, students learn about melody and rhythm, music as story-telling, music as emotion, and instrument structures (strings, woodwinds, percussion, brass, etc.). The performance is one part interactive lesson and one part performance showcase that children of all ages will enjoy and learn something along the way.