Pride War


As the National Straight Pride Coalition prepares to stage the nation’s first “Straight Pride Parade” in Modesto, California, they are met with opposition from counter protesters amidst fears of violence. Filmmakers the Runnels Brothers examine the limits of the First Amendment and the vague line between free speech and hate speech. With firebrand issues concerning women’s rights and LGTBQ rights brought to the forefront, Stanislaus County acts as a battle zone for a culture war with no end in sight.

THE DIRECTORS – Brothers Greg and Mark Runnels have been directing and producing feature films, documentaries, short films, promotional videos and plays since the 1990’s. They have received grants from Artplace, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Documentary AEF Award and the PlayGround Film Festival. They recently completed the feature length documentary PRIDE WAR, with generous support from Heartland Creative Corps. They are returning to production on UNTITLED JIM CARROLL DOCUMENTARY, a fully authorized documentary about poet, writer and musician Jim Carroll. Other projects in development include BUKOWSKI: AN ANIMATED LIFE, an authorized feature film about the writer Charles Bukowski, and a theatrical adaptation of the James Fogle novel DRUGSTORE COWBOY. They also head the Lisa Runnels Shelton Emerging Artist Award, a non-profit organization that provides a yearly grant for emerging female artists and filmmakers.

Doors at 6; film at 7 p.m.
Admission: FREE

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Run Time:
50 min


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