Kaiindiaz From the Ghetto


Two friends on the block lost their job and had nothing to do as they find a dealer who sell kava root and helps them sell the kava as bully in the block comes and steal their product, now both friends have to stay alive to repay the dealer . As dealing with a fun dysfunctional relationships and family.

Doors at 1; film at 2 p.m.
Tickets $15


Cast & Crew

Directed by:
Andrew A Chandra
Ravi Prasad, Neil Bali, Rajnesh Jit, Anil Latchman, Ravinesh Ram, Surita Roshni Jit, Nitya Nand, and
Neil Bali
Rajnesh Jit
Golden Shell Production

Additional Information

Run Time:
140 min


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