Gone with the Dead


The west coast is plunged into chaos when a mysterious virus turns people into flesh-eating zombies. Two different groups of survivors must band together and

fight to stay alive or be Gone…with the Dead.

A mysterious virus has turned millions on the west coast into flesh-eating zombies. Two groups of survivors must fight their way through the streets, hoping to find a way out. But as the undead swarm, they realize they must band together and fight to stay alive or be Gone…with the Dead.

About the filmmaker:
Justin W. Smith, a multifaceted artist, wears many hats in the world of filmmaking. His diverse roles include being a producer, director, editor, writer, and actor. With a career spanning over two decades, Justin officially entered the realm of cinema in 1999. His impressive portfolio boasts five full-length films, two documentaries, and several short films. Additionally, he has contributed to the creation of approximately 16 screenplays.

As an actor, Justin has graced the screen in 16 movies, even taking on lead roles in three of them. Beyond his professional endeavors, his passion lies in the art of filmmaking. For Justin, the ultimate reward is holding the finished product in his hands—a testament to his dedication and love for the craft.

In addition to his cinematic pursuits, Justin has also left his mark in the music realm. From 1993 to 2010, he curated multiple albums and compilations, managing and producing numerous projects for artists in the Bay Area. Furthermore, he boasts two solo albums under his belt


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