In the small coastal town of Manor Bay, Christine lived a fairly normal childhood growing up, but as she reached her early teen years, That’s when it all started. Her step-father Lorenzo turns to self-medicating after his accident. His alcohol-fueled rage quickly turns to a nightmarish life of abuse. As the abuse worsens, that’s when the nightmares begin. She begins to be visited by a strange boy in these dreams. But somehow he gives her comfort, but who is he?

Christine’s mother abandons her, leaving her with the abusive step-father. As the abuse becomes unbearable, Christine turns to drug addiction and ultimately runs away from home.

Fleeing to the small secluded town of Pine River, Christine’s battles have only just begun. Fighting the demons of her past and her new found addiction Christine’s road to recovery is not an easy one. As the secrets of her family’s past unfold. Christine turns to addiction she gets ready for the fight of her life.

Life in rehab isn’t what she expected but things take a shocking turn when she unexpectedly she her mother. After a shocking confrontation Christine adjust to life outside of rehab until the unthinkable happens when her nightmarish dreams become reality.

Eternal Echo is a 10 Episode Limited Series.


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Eternal Echo is a Fictional Drama/Thriller inspired by the musical works of Trials And Memories.

Trials And Memories is a progressive rock/metal band using music for epic storytelling. The album was originally written and recorded over the course of 2010-2011. The album came to a grinding halt as co-founder and singer Michael Boyd tragically died after a long-lasting battle with cancer.

Film Maker & Musical Producer Jeremy Brown had a vision of bringing the project back to life as a tribute to Michael Boyd. As the album is re-recorded while preserving Michael Boyd’s original vocal tracks, countless special guests will be included as the album comes together and is slated for release in late 2023.

In the spirit of Bringing this story to life, Brown has written the Novel Eternal Echo based on the musical storyline. The book is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2023.


Jeremy began his passion for storytelling and the hands of a guitar. Spending years as a musical storyteller and recording studio engineer.

After years of writing and directing for musical theater, It was a natural progression to take the storytelling to the screen. While studying filmmaking Jeremy began producing music videos and creating successful youtube channels such as “GKMUSIC TV”.

“Eternal Echo has been a story in my mind for almost a decade. Bringing it to life is truly a dream and I’m humbled and excited to share this experience with all the talented people joining us for the journey.”

ETERNAL ECHO – is a survival story that includes scenes that some people may find disturbing, including, Strong Language, Drug Use & Violence.



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Run Time:
120 min


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