Strut Performing Arts presents: VAUDEVILLE


A Bit Bawdy, A Bit Sophisticated
A Bit Broadway…that’s VAUDEVILLE

Let Strut Performing Arts keep you smiling, tapping your feet & dancing in your seats while watching what is surely to become our newest summer runaway success… Vaudeville! SPA has brought a rare opportunity to experience the sassy excitement of quality Broadway musical theatre here to the Central Valley. More than a show, Vaudeville, at the renowned State Theatre in downtown Modesto, is an invitation to step through time and experience the look, feel, sound and celebration that was Vaudeville. A little edgy… exuberantly loud… high spirited and upbeat, Vaudeville engages the senses, captures the imagination, and leaves you feeling good and wanting more. Dazzling musical numbers of theatrical acting skits, and comedy sketches provide a kaleidoscope of musical variety that will both captivate and delight even our youngest patrons. Our love for the Broadway Musicals is apparent in this production… at its finish, we hope you love it as much as we do!

The stage is a place to come alive, allowing one to embody a completely novel character, and to create a euphoric sensation for the audience members filling the seats each night in the theatre. Not to mention, the opportunity to bring to life so many intriguing stories that we have all grown to know and love through film and musical productions over the years. Phantom of the Opera. Mary Poppins. Hairspray. West Side Story. Annie. Lion King. Beauty and the Beast. This is only a few of the greats; these productions are timeless because of the way they allow us to imagine ourselves as a street sweeper dancing upon roof tops, cleaning in an orphanage with our dearest friends, or falling in love with someone unexpected who brings pure joy to our lives! All of these feelings are inevitable when sitting in witness to such amazing artistry!

But whatever your expectations, Vaudeville, and its many gifted performers, will astonish and impress even the most discerning spectator. We pride ourselves on being out of the ordinary, on bringing that little extra “something” to our performances. We push ourselves and our students to bring more to dance, more to the production and more to our audiences. The reward is apparent… our shows, like our students, are unlike any other.

The students, instructors and families of SPA are beyond appreciative of your continuous support of our leading-edge program, the creative will in which we thrive and the arts in the Central Valley as a whole! Come downtown and enjoy some of the most talented folks around!

Fri. June 23:  Doors at 6; Show at 7 p.m.
Sat. June 24: Doors at 6; Show at 7 p.m.
Sun. June 25:  Doors at 1; Show at 2 p.m.

Tickets: $40, $35, $30 & $27

Additional Information

Run Time:
120 min


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