Nightmare on J Street with Glitter Coven Cabaret


It’s a warm Summer night on J Street in Downtown Modesto. The sun is descending and the lights on the trees outside of the businesses are glowing. The sound of folks laughing and enjoying dining/nightlife are all around you, while the sweet sounds of a local jazz band serenade the streets of Downtown. As you walk towards your destination you feel the ground rumble beneath you! Another Rumble immediately after that and another…an earthquake, perhaps? Suddenly you realize the music has stopped and has been replaced with shrieks of horror in the near distance!! You see a crowd of people running towards you. They all look terrified and as if they are running from something. A shadow falls over you at the corner of J and 12th, you finally see it. You lock eyes with the 50 foot creature and she shoots you a sinister smile, then lets out a cackle that must have been heard for miles around. It was the sound of pure evil, yet you can’t look away or move. You try to run but she’s got you paralyzed with her gaze and magic…Join Glitter Coven Cabaret at The State Theatre Saturday October 29th at 8pm for their Annual Halloween Celebration! All ages welcome(parental guidance suggested)

Doors at 7; show at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $25, $20 & $15

Additional Information

Run Time:
120 min


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