Planning a private party or responsible for coordinating your company’s next employee-recognition and awards ceremony

The State, which is host to hundreds of events each year, from fund-raisers, concerts and weddings to memorial and church services, graduation ceremonies, new product roll-outs, seminars and more — is available to rent for:

· Private parties
· Fund-raisers
· Film premiers & screenings
· Conferences & corporate meetings
· Church services & activities
· Workshops & lectures
· Weddings & receptions
· Plays, concerts, live performances
· Television & video taping
· Educational events
· Satellite broadcasts
· Youth groups

Non-profit organizations, corporations, promoters and private parties all rent The State, with its magnificent marquee (can’t you just see your company’s name in lights?), luxurious lobby, plush seating, warm and welcoming ambience and state-of-the-art facilities that include a $20,000 movie screen, 35mm, digital and DVD projection equipment, a Meyer sound system, theatrical lighting and modern and fully-equipped Green Room. You can hold a reception in the lobby and usher your guests into the auditorium for a film, training session or to enjoy live music. Throw an anniversary or birthday party and invite 550 of your closest friends, or rent the historic State for a political, social or educational program.

Whether you’re holding your film premiere at The State, staging a play, dance recital or community forum, The State Theatre staff will assist you every step of the way, from budgeting through execution. The dedicated staff will also assist you with all of your technical, sound, lighting and logistical needs. While you’re here, you’re home so expect to enjoy all of the privileges afforded by having this public venue all to yourself!

The theater is available for rental seven days a week on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please contact our Rental Coordinator, Gabi Guerrini for information about rental fees and available dates at (209) 527-4697, ext. 203 or by email at

Walk-throughs of the theater are by appointment only.

Diagrams of the auditorium seating and stage are available in PDF format. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Click below to download.

Seat Map

Stage Dimensions



Movie Screen Lease

There’s nothing to compare with the excitement of seeing a movie on the silver screen. Sure, there’s Netflix and yes, it’s easy to pop a DVD into the VCR, but for sheer viewing pleasure, a movie theater offers an experience that cannot be equaled anywhere else. The laughs are louder when shared, and the collective sigh is something you only get when seated in a theater surrounded by dozens of other appreciative film-goers.

It’s that unique experience that prompted The State to offer the opportunity for non-profits, businesses and individuals to rent part or all of the theater to show their film of choice. The Movie Screen Lease program allows you to rent our $20,000, state-of-the-art movie screen for a private party, fund-raiser, premiere or public screening. All you have to do is select the film title and we’ll do the rest! The State’s staff, concessions stand and projection and sound equipment are all part of your Movie Screen Lease so you and your guests can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Non-profit Screen 
As a 501(c)3, you may select the film (depending upon the availability of the title); The State books the film; and you set the cost of admission.   The cost to obtain the theatrical rights to the film, which you also pay, may vary anywhere from $250 to $450, and may also include a percentage of box office revenues. The percentage may be required by the film distributor.  Film revenues go back to the nonprofit, however, the percentage of box office revenues required by the film distributor will be deducted from box office revenues prior to settlement.

Private Screen
You select the film (depending upon availability of the title), and  you and  your guests have the exclusive viewing rights to the film.  You determine the cost of admission, or your guests may attend the private screening at no charge.  The State will obtain the rights to screen your film, the cost of which is passed along to you.  The cost of obtaining theatrical rights may vary from $250 to $450, plus the film distributor may charge a percentage of admission, if any is charged.


Tech Package


FOH Speaker System

5-way system consisting of (9) JBL VT4886 3-way line array elements + (3) JBL VT4883 2×12” LF elements flown per side and (4) JBL STX828S 2×18” Subwoofers built into sealed isolated chamber inside stage.  Sub signal is aux fed from FOH console.

System bandpass as follows:
STX828S:   28Hz – 60Hz (Dual 18” subs under the deck) x 4
VT4883:     60Hz – 120Hz (Dual 12” LF elements flown) x 3 per side
VT4886:     120Hz – 20kHz (3-way full range line array elements) x 9 per side

  • Power and Processing via Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers with V5 Tunings. Continuous power available to the speakers at the connected speaker loads is 64,200 watts.
  • System can produce 100dB(A) Slow at FOH with approximately 15dB of peak amplifier head room remaining.
  • System measures with a gradual 6dB SPL drop from the front row to the back of house.
  • Front Fills consist of (2) Meyer Sound UPJ-1P self-powered speakers-re-tasked from former system. Front fill signal patched to Matrix 24 on console and routed to stage box output K8.   Front fills are aligned and tuned. Processing settings reside in FOH console memory.

FOH Mixing Console

  • Soundcraft Vi2000 Digital Mixing console with 96 inputs to mix and 24 stereo mixes plus LCR. Console has 16 VCA groups, 4 Lexicon Effect engines, 8 BSS DPR901 multi-band compressor / expander.
  • 64 x 64 Dante (Cat-5) and MADI (optical) for multitrack recording and external plus-in use.
  • Console I/O is as follows: FOH Local I/O is (48) XLR in and (16) XLR out on back of console plus (4) AES in on back of console.  On Stage I/O is (48) XLR in and (24) XLR out.

Floor Monitors

  • Meyer Sound UM-1P self-powered floor monitor (4) re-tasked from former system.
  • Users can provide preferred monitor wedges and/or in-ear-monitors as needed for event.

Monitor Mixing Console

  • Monitors typically mixed from FOH Console.
  • Users can provide preferred monitor console with active splitter if required for event.
  • Signal transport between FOH console and remote stage box is MADI. A digital split can be achieved using the secondary MADI output on the stage box interfaced with a monitor console compatible with the MADI format.

Zone Audio Distribution

Discrete audio distribution feeds can be sent from the FOH tech position to the Green Room, Dressing Room and Lobby as needed.   This includes voice paging with ducking capability and background music applications.

Individual volume and mute control for each zone is possible using the integrated wall controller.

Microphone Package

4 x Shure SM58 dynamic hand held vocal microphones
5 x Shure SM57 dynamic instrument microphones
2 x Shure SM81 condenser instrument microphones
4 x Shure Beta98 instrument microphones
1 x AKG D112MKII Bass-Drum microphone
4 x Countryman active DI boxes
4 x Pro Co passive DI boxes
4 x Shure ULX diversity wireless microphone systems with SM58 microphone capsules
1 x Shure MX410 low profile goose neck microphone for podium

Users can provide preferred microphones as required for event.


  • Assorted 15’,20’,25’ and 50’ microphone cables provided upon request.
  • Assorted microphone stands provided upon request.
  • 1 – 50′ – 12 channel snake
  • 1 – 20′ – 8 channel snake