The Last Alleycat

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Midnite weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnite)!

Run Time: 72 min.

Amidst the mortgage crisis of 2008, a failed middle-aged record label owner finds himself confronted with the falsehood of the new American Dream. He competes in an unsanctioned, 80-mile fixed-gear road race  in the hopes of not only winning a cash prize, but filling the void in his near-suicidal existence. Shot for only $9,000 with a crew of two, with a mix of professional and nonprofessional actors, The Last Alleycat is the second feature directed by the Runnels Brothers. Funds were raised through Indiegogo, investors and odd jobs, from working at Uber and Lyft to production and construction gigs. Armed with only a Canon 5d (action shots captured with the Black Magic Cinema Camera and GoPro) and Zoom H4N, filmmaking brothers Greg and Mark Runnels covered virtually every department themselves.

The extensive soundtrack was secured by Yvonne Prinz (young adult novelist and Amoeba Music co-owner), and Alex Green (music journalist and college professor).

Filmed on location in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Central Valley from November 2013 to May of 2014, the film was a labor of love that proved the brothers’ filmmaking tenacity and ingenuity. The film was edited by Greg and mixed by Richard Ross. The film was completed in November 2015 and has been entered in film festivals throughout the world. Starring David Agranov, Katie Parker, frequent Runnels Brothers collaborator Justin Zachary, Chantelle Tibbs (star of upcoming Runnels Brothers film Shrine of Scars) and first-timer Brian Weldon.