The State Theatre is thrilled to be back and proud of the measures we are taking to keep our patrons safe, while still delivering the same premium experience our guests expect.  We have developed new standards to ensure our patrons safety amidst COVID-19 as follows:

·         Deep cleaning of the entire theater with CDC recommended disinfectant.

·         Installed four air scrubbers.

·         Installation of COVID-19 rated air filters in the HVAC units.

·         Staff will have temperature checks, wear face masks and gloves.

·         Installation of plexiglass shields at concessions.

·         Designated entry and exits.

·         Hand sanitizer throughout

·         Limited seating to 100.

·         Guests will be escorted to their seats and the seating will be noted for CDC disinfection after screening.

·         Guests will be required to wear face masks unless they are enjoying our fabulous popcorn or a drink.

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