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Opens Fri. May 26
(Doc) 1 Hr. 33 Min. (Digital) In English

“Everybody is going to die. The Times is becoming the last place in American journalism where acknowledgements of worthy lives and newsworthy lives can be acknowledged.” So says Bruce Weber (Van Syckle, Variety), one of the "obituarists" featured in the insightful and surprisingly uplifting documentary, Obit. Directed by Vanessa Gould, Obit explores the team behind the New York Times' obituary department, where the art of honoring death is far more centered on the celebration of life than perhaps we all may have thought. Obit provides a glimpse into a profession punctuated by death, but with humor and compassion helps illuminate that--even in death--it is the happiest memories of life that prevail. 

The Zookeeper's Wife

Opens Fri. April 14
(PG-13) 2 Hrs. 6 Min. (Digital) Biography, Drama, History

Starring two-time Academy Award nominee, Jessica Chastain, and Golden Globe nominee, Daniel Bruhl, The Zookeeper’s Wife—based on the best-selling book of the same name, which is in turn based on true life events—tells the story of Antonina and Jan Żabińska, who together managed Poland’s Warsaw Zoo during World War II. When Germany invades in 1939, bringing with it the new Reich, Jan and Antonina must come to terms with their new oppressive reality, all while balancing caring for their children and animal wards. But resistance is not futile, and Antonina and her husband find their own way to protect their family and community from the violence and hatred infiltrating their country.

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